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SEO audits, website performance analysis, keyword research, and
I'll provide you with best practices.

Web Development

Need a custom design implemented?
Tired of that drag-and-drop editor?
You need a fresh website.

Digital Advertising

Email, AdWords, Display
ads, or Retargeting.
Get the help you need.


Get the reporting you need.
Gain insight from the data you have.
Learn and grow.

I am...

Jeff - a chemist turned software person. I've been doing web and Windows development since 2011 and have seen first-hand the pain that comes with making your digital footprint as efficient and great as possible. There are so many moving parts, but I can help you with individual projects or large endeavors including execution, training, and process improvement.

These days, I am a system administrator for a bunch of different marketing technology: marketing automation, special analytics software, content management systems, and customer relationship management software. I am also a webmaster for several B2B lead generation websites.

I believe in...


Transparency and communication are key. I will keep you constantly notified of progress and never let you feel left in the dark.


I am good at some things and not great at other things. I'll be honest about and not oversell my expertise. I'll even point you in the right direction if I can't help you with some aspect of a project to make sure it's done as well as possible.

Your Needs First

During any engagement, your goals and expectations will be clearly laid out in a project plan. This helps us both know exactly what will and won't be done.

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Google Analytics - Integration for Marketo

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